1998 Trade Releases

Batman:Prodigal TPB
Superman:The Wedding and Beyond TPB
JLA:American Dreams TPB
Wonder Woman:Amazonia SC
Green Lantern:A New Dawn TPB

Superman/Madman:Hullabaloo TPB
Wonder Woman:Lifelines TPB
Superman Transformed TPB
Hitman:Ten Thousand Bullets TPB
Final Night TPB
Batman:Four of a Kind TPB
Supergirl TPB
Underworld Unleashed TPB
JLA:Rock of Ages TPB
Superman:Exile TPB
Batman:Other Realms TPB
Life Story of the Flash SC
Nightwing:A Knight in Bludhaven TPB
JLA:World Without Grown-Ups TPB
JLA The Nail TPB
Hellblazer:Tainted Love TPB

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