Gotham Central In the Line of Duty
February 2003
Gotham Central 1-5

jla rules of engagement

JLA Rules of Engagement
March 2003
JLA 77-82

superman red son
Superman Red Son
April 2003
Superman Red Son 1-3

Batman Hush Vol 2
May 2003
Batman 613-619, Wizard 0


Green Arrow Straight Shooter
May 2003
Green Arrow 26-31

JSA Princes of Darkness
May 2003
JSA 46-55

Gotham Central Half a Life
June 2003
Batman Chronicles 16, Detective Comics 747, Gotham Central 6-10

Batman Death and the Maidens
June 2003
Detective Comics 783, Batman Death and the Maidens 1-9


Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman Trinity
June 2003
Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman Trinity 1-3

arkham asylum living hell

Arkham Asylum Living Hell
July 2003
Arkham Asylum Living Hell 1-6

Batman The Man Who Laughs
July 2003
Detective Comics 784-786, Batman The Man Who Laughs

Hawkman Wings of Fury
July 2003
Hawkman 15-22, JLA A to Z 1-2

jsa all stars
JSA All Stars
July 2003
JSA All Stars 1-8

Teen Titans/Outsiders The Death and Return of Donna Troy
July 2003
Titans/Young Justice Graduation Day 1-3, Teen Titans/Outsiders Secret Files 2003, DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy 1-4

Birds of Prey Of Like Minds
August 2003
Birds of Prey 56-61

The Flash Ignition
August 2003
Flash 201-206

Outsiders Looking for Trouble
August 2003
Outsiders 1-7

Formerly Known as the Justice League
September 2003
Formerly Known as the Justice League 1-6

Teen Titans A Kids Game
September 2003
Teen Titans 1-7, Teen Titans-Outsiders Secret Files 2003

Batman Hong Kong
October 2003
Batman Hong Kong

JLA Trial by Fire
October 2003
JLA 84-89


Legion Foundations
October 2003
The Legion 25-30, The Legion Secret Files 3003

Superman/Batman Public Enemies
October 2003
Superman Batman 1-6, Superman Batman Secret Files 2003

Wonder Woman Down to Earth
October 2003
Wonder Woman 195-200

batman broken city

Batman Broken City
December 2003
Batman 620-625

Gotham Central Unresolved Targets
December 2003
Gotham Central 12-15, 19-22