2004 Trade Releases

Superman Red Son TPB
Outsiders Looking For Trouble TPB
JLA Zatannas Search TPB
Nightwing Big Guns TPB
Green Arrow The Sounds Of Violence TPB

Birds Of Prey Of Like Minds TPB
Flash Crossfire TPB
Zero Hour Crisis In Time TPB New Printing

Wonder Woman Gods And Mortals TPB
Arkham Asylum Living Hell TPB
Superman Return To Krypton TPB
Hawkman Allies & Enemies TPB

Formerly Known As The Justice League TPB
JSA The Liberty Files TPB
Green Arrow: Straight Shooter TPB

Teen Titans A Kids Game TPB


JLA Vol 13 Rules Of Engagement TPB
Batgirl Fists Of Fury TPB
Superman Batman Public Enemies HC
JLA One Million TPB
Gotham Central In the Line of Duty TPB

Batman Superman Wonder Woman Trinity
JSA All Stars TPB
Green Lantern Green Arrow Vol 1 TPB


Batman Broken City HC

Flash Blitz TPB
Wonder Woman Down To Earth TPB
Green Lantern Green Arrow Vol 2 TPB
Batman Hush Vol 1 TPB

Legion Foundations TPB
Robin Unmasked TPB
Superman Godfall HC
Green Arrow Archers Quest TPB
Batman Death And The Maidens TPB
Green Lantern Passing The Torch TPB

Wonder Woman Challenge Of Gods TPB
Superman Man Of Steel Vol 3 TPB
Batman War Drums TPB
Doom Patrol Vol 1 Crawling From The Wreckage TPB
Doom Patrol:The Painting That Ate Paris TPB
JLA Vol 14 Trial By Fire TPB

Teen Titans Family Lost TPB
JSA Vol 6 Savage Times TPB
Batman Hush Vol 2 TPB
Swamp Thing Regenesis TPB
Superman True Brit HC
Batman As The Crow Flies TPB
Batman Hong Kong HC

Green Lantern Legacy The Last Will SC
Plastic Man On The Lam TPB

Outsiders Sum Of All Evil TPB
JLA Vol 15 The Tenth Circle TPB
Challengers of the Unknown Must Die TPB

JLA Another Nail TPB
Arkham Asylum Anniversary Edition TPB
The New Frontier Vol 1 TPB
Swamp Thing:Bad Seed TPB
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