2006 Trade Releases

Batman:Hush Returns TPB
Superman:Sacrifice TPB
Seven Soldiers of Victory Vol. 1 TPB
Flash:Rogue War TPB
Superman Chronicles Vol. 1 TPB
Teen Titans/Outsiders:The Insiders TPB
JLA:Crisis of Conscience TPB
Year One:Batman/Ra’s Al Ghul TPB

Green Arrow:Moving Targets TPB
Teen Titans/Outsiders:The Death and Return of Donna Troy TPB
Wonder Woman:Land of the Dead TPB
Batman War Crimes TPB

Swamp Thing:Healing the Breach TPB
Superman:The Journey TPB

JSA:Black Vengeance TPB
Birds of Prey:Between Dark and Dawn TPB
Nightwing:Mobbed Up TPB

Challengers of the Unknown:Stolen Moments, Borrowed Time TPB
Seven Soldiers of Victory Vol. 2 TPB

Robin:To Kill a Bird TPB
Batman:Dark Detective TPB
Superman:Ruin Revealed TPB
Green Lantern:No Fear HC
Outsiders:Crisis Intervention TPB
Gotham Central:Unresolved Targets TPB

Hawkman:Rise of the Golden Eagle TPB
Superman Shazam First Thunder TPB
Superman:Strange Attractors TPB
Legion of Super-Heroes:Death of a Dream TPB

JLA:World Without a Justice League TPB

Batman:Under the Hood Vol. 2 TPB
Superman:Our Worlds at War – The Complete Collection TPB
Superman/Doomsday:The Collected Edition TPB
Power Girl TPB
JLA Classified:New Maps of Hell TPB
Supergirl:Power TPB
Green Lantern Corps:Recharge TPB
Wonder Woman:Destiny Calling TPB

Batman:City of Crime TPB
Superman:Infinite Crisis TPB
Wonder Woman:Mission’s End TPB
Superman/Batman:Vengeance HC
Batman Chronicles Vol. 2 TPB
Teen Titans:Life and Death TPB

Lobo/Authority:Holiday Hell TPB
Justice Society Vol. 1 TPB

Green Arrow:Heading into the Light TPB
Robin:Days of Fire and Madness TPB
Batman and the Monster Men TPB
Doom Patrol:Musclebound TPB
Batman:Gotham By Gaslight TPB

Batman:Face the Face TPB
Justice Vol. 1 HC
Jonah Hex:Face Full of Violence TPB

Batgirl:Destruction’s Daughter TPB
JSA:Mixed Signals TPB
Superman:Up, Up and Away TPB

Birds of Prey:The Battle Within TPB
Infinite Crisis Companion TPB
Batman:Gotham County Line TPB
Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes:Strange Visitor from Another Century TPB
Batman:Son of the Demon TPB

Gotham Central:The Quick and the Dead TPB
Captain Atom:Armageddon TPB

Nightwing:Renegade TPB
Aquaman:Sword of Atlantis – Once and Future TPB
Superman:The Man of Steel Vol. 5 TPB
Swamp Thing:Infernal Triangles TPB
Green Lantern:Revenge of the Green Lanterns HC

New Teen Titans:Terra Incognito TP
Blue Beetle:Shellshocked TPB
Huntress:Darknight Daughter TPB

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