2007 Trade Releases

Crisis Aftermath:The Battle for Bludhaven TPB
Doom Patrol:Magic Bus TPB
JSA:Ghost Stories TPB
Manhunter:Trial by Fire TPB
Outsiders:The Good Fight TPB
Batman Year 100 TPB
Superman:Emperor Joker TPB

JSA Classified:Honor Among Thieves TPB
Batman Secrets TPB
Ion:The Torchbearer TPB

Seven Soldiers of Victory Vol. 4 TPB
Superman:Back in Action TPB

Justice Society Vol. 2 TPB
Superman Chronicles Vol. 2 TPB
Teen Titans:Titans Around the World TPB
Superman:Camelot Falls Vol. 1 HC
Birds of Prey:Perfect Pitch TPB
Catwoman:The Replacements TPB

Checkmate:A King’s Game TPB
Justice Vol. 2 HC
Firestorm the Nuclear Man:Reborn TPB

Nightwing:Brothers in Blood TPB
Supergirl:Candor TPB
Green Arrow:Crawling Through the Wreckage TPB
Deadman:Deadman Walking TPB
Flash:The Fastest Man Alive:Lightning in a
Bottle TPB

Robin:Wanted TPB
Shadowpact:The Pentacle Plot TPB
Batman:Snow TPB
Secret Six:Six Degrees of Devastation TPB

Batman:Detective TPB
All-Star Superman Vol. 1 HC
Crisis Aftermath:The Spectre TPB
Batman and the Mad Monk TPB
Jonah Hex: Guns of Vengeance TPB
SGT Rock:The Prophecy TPB

Hawkgirl:The Maw TPB

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes:Adult Education TPB

All New Atom:My Life in Miniature TPB
Batman Chronicles Vol. 3 TPB
Green Lantern Corps:To Be a Lantern TPB

Batman Black and White Vol. 3 HC
Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus Vol. 1 HC
52 Vol. 1 TPB

Batman:Turning Points TPB
Justice League of America:The Tornado’s Path HC

Gotham Central:Dead Robin TPB
Blue Beetle:Road Trip TPB
Batman:Ego and Other Tails HC
JSA Presents:Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Vol. 1 TPB

Superman/Batman:Enemies Among Us HC
Trials of Shazam Vol. 1 TPB

Outsiders:Pay as You Go TPB
Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters TPB
Batman:Harley and Ivy TPB
52 Vol. 2 TPB
Martian Manhunter:The Others Among Us TPB
Hellblazer: The Devil You Know TPB


Birds of Prey:Blood and Circuits TPB
Green Lantern:Wanted – Hal Jordan HC
Superman Chronicles Vol. 3 TPB
Batman and Son HC
Catwoman:It’s Only a Movie TPB
Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus Vol. 2 HC
Manhunter:Origins TPB
Tangent Comics Vol 1 TPB

Checkmate:Pawn Breaks TPB
Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes:Dominator War TPB

Sword of the Atom TPB

Ion:The Dying Flame TPB
Doctor 13:Architecture & Mortality TPB
Justice Society of America:The Next Age HC
Batman Black and White Vol. 1 TPB
Teen Titans:Titans East TPB
52 Vol. 3 TPB

Batman Gothic TPB

Batman Chronicles Vol. 4 TPB
Helmet of Fate TPB
Question:Zen and Violence TPB
Justice Vol. 3 HC
Mystery in Space Vol. 1 TPB

Nightwing:Love and War TPB
Shazam:The Monster Society of Evil HC
Justice League Elite Vol. 2 TPB
Creeper – Welcome to Creepsville TPB
Flash:Wonderland TPB

DC:World War III TPB
Green Arrow:Road to Jericho TPB
Green Lantern Corps:The Dark Side of Green TPB
Robin:Teenage Wasteland TPB
JLA:Ultramarine Corps TPB
Hawkgirl:Hawkman Returns TPB
Wonder Woman:Love and Murder HC
Supergirl:Identity TPB
Batman:Death and the City TPB
52 Vol. 4 TPB
Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus Vol. 3 HC
Jonah Hex:Origins TPB
Batman:Rules of Engagement HC

All New Atom:Future/Past TPB
Brave and the Bold:The Lords of Luck HC
Superman/Batman:Saga of the Super Sons TPB
Tales of the Batman:Tim Sale HC
Wonder Woman:Amazons Attack HC
Legion of Super-Heroes:An Eye for an Eye TPB
Spectre:Tales of the Unexpected TPB
Hellblazer: Bloodlines TPB
Tales of the Multiverse:Batman – Vampire TPB
Flash:The Fastest Man Alive:Full Throttle TPB


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