Superman Panic in the Sky – February 1992

 Issues Collected
Action Comics 674-675
February 1992-March 1992
Superman The Man of Steel 9-10
March 1992-April 1992
Superman 65-66
March 1992-April 1992
Adventures of Superman 488-489
March 1992-April 1992

In SUPERMAN: PANIC IN THE SKY, uber genius Brainiac takes over Warworld and begins piloting the massive planet-sized satellite towards Earth on a mission of annihilation. In need of help, Superman recruits an army of super-powered beings to retard Warworld’s destructive progression while a second battalion of heroes battle against an armada of alien invaders on Earth. But as the war rages on and casualties increase, even the combined strength of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and the rest of the heroes may not be enough to the save the world against this unstoppable menace.