The Return of Superman – June 1993

 Issues Collected
Action Comics 687-691
June 1993-September 1993
Superman The Man of Steel 22-26
June 1993-October 1993
Superman 78-82
June 1993-October 1993
Adventures of Superman 500-505
June 1993-October 1993
Green Lantern 46
October 1993

Taking place after the WORLD WITHOUT A SUPERMAN storyline, this book features the first appearance of four new heroes as well as Superman’s return from the dead. Looking to fill the void after the Man of Steel’s death, four new heroes appear, all bearing the trademark “S” insignia on their chest and claiming to be Superman. As a cyborg Superman, a teenage Superboy, an extremely violent Superman, and man in a suit of armor all appear on the scene, the world tries to figure out who is for real and who is a hoax. But in the end, it will take the return of the one and only Superman to stop one of these impostors from taking over the world.