atom small wonder
The All New Atom Small Wonder
January 2008
The All New Atom 17, 18,20-25

jla sanctuary

Justice League of America Sanctuary
January 2008
Justice League of America 17-21

Nightwing Freefall
January 2008
Nightwing 140-146


Robin Violent Tendencies
January 2008
Robin 170-174, Robin/Spoiler Special 1

spirit book 3

The Spirit Book 3
January 2008
The Spirit 14-20

Wonder Woman The Circle
January 2008
Wonder Woman 14-19


Booster Gold Blue and Gold
February 2008
Booster Gold 0, 7-10, 1,000,000

Countdown Arena
February 2008
Countdown Arena 1-4


Countdown to Final Crisis Vol 4
February 2008
Countdown 12-1

Justice Society of America Thy Kingdom Come Part Two
February 2008
Justice Society of America 13-18,
Justice Society of America Annual 1

green arrow black canary family

Green Arrow/Black Canary Family Business
March 2008
Green Arrow Black Canary 6-10

teen titans on the clock

Teen Titans On the Clock
March 2008
Teen Titans 55-61

Batman R.I.P.
April 2008
Batman 676-683

Batman and the Outsiders The Snare
April 2008
Batman and the Outsiders 6-10

Catwoman The Long Road Home
April 2008
Catwoman 78-82

infinity inc the bogeyman

Infinity Inc The Bogeyman
April 2008
Infinity Inc 6-10

Simon Dark Ashes
April 2008
Simon Dark 7-12

green lantern secret origin

Green Lantern Secret Origin
May 2008
Green Lantern 29-35

house of mystery room

House of Mystery Room and Boredom
May 2008
House of Mystery 1-5

huntress year one

Huntress Year One
May 2008
Huntress Year One 1-6

teen titans raven

Teen Titans Spotlight Raven
May 2008
DC Special Raven 1-5

Wonder Woman Ends of the Earth
May 2008
Wonder Woman 20-25

Superman Brainiac
June 2008
Action Comics 866-870

batman joker's asylum

Batman Joker’s Asylum
July 2008
Joker’s Asylum Joker 1, Joker’s Asylum Penguin 1, Joker’s Asylum Poison Ivy 1, Joker’s Asylum Scarecrow 1, Joker’s Asylum Two-Face 1

El Diablo The Haunted Horseman
September 2008
El Diablo 1-6

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