Superman Return to Krypton – March 2001

superman return to krypton
Issues Collected
Superman 166, 167, 184
March 2001-September 2002
Adventures of Superman 589, 606
April 2001-September 2002
Superman The Man of Steel 111, 128
April 2001- September 2002
Action Comics 776, 793
April 2001-September 2002

A new paperback collecting SUPERMAN #166, 167 and 184, ACTION COMICS #776 and 793, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #589 and 606, and SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL #111 and 128! This collection features Superman and Lois Lane brought back through time and space to Krypton. What the Man of Steel discovers, though, are two different looks at his homeworld – only he’s not sure which one is real! A new cover by Paul Rivoche adorns the latest volume from the modern day adventures of the Man of Steel.

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