2010 Trade Releases

Doc Savage The Silver Pyramid TPB
R.E.B.E.L.S. Vol 1: The Coming of Starro TPB
Justice Society of America Strange Adventures TPB
Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Vol. 2  TPB
House of Mystery Vol. 3: The Space Between TPB
The Spirit Book 5 TPB

Hitman Vol. 2: Ten Thousand Bullets TPB
Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance TPB
Batman: King Tut’s Tomb TPB
Final Crisis Aftermath: Run TPB
Superman: Mon-El Vol. 1 HC
Madame Xanadu Vol. 2: Exodus Noir TPB
DC Universe: Origins TPB
The Batman Chronicles Vol. 9 TPB
Brave and the Bold: Milestone TPB
Kobra: Resurrection TPB
Hellblazer: Pandemonium HC
Starman Omnibus Vol 4 HC
The Creeper by Steve Ditko HC

Final Crisis Aftermath: Ink TPB
The Last Days Of Animal Man TPB
Superman: New Krypton Vol. 3 HC
Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape TPB
Warlord: The Saga TPB
Superman: Nightwing And Flamebird Vol. 1 HC
Batman International TPB
Wonder Woman Chronicles Vol.1 TPB
Unknown Soldier Vol. 2: Easy Kill TPB
The Newsboy Legion By Joe Simon And Jack Kirby Vol. 1 HC
Hardware: The Man In The Machine TPB
Robin Archives Vol. 2 HC
Oracle: The Cure TPB
Strange Adventures TPB

Batman And Robin Deluxe Edition Vol. 1: Batman Reborn HC
Booster Gold: Day Of Death TPB
Secret Six: Depths TPB
Teen Titans: Child’s Play TPB
Gotham City Sirens: Union HC
Jonah Hex: Six Gun War TPB
Power Girl: A New Beginning TPB
The Superman Chronicles Vol. 8 TPB
Superman: Codename Patriot HC
DC Comics Classics Library: The Justice League Of America By George Perez Vol. 2 HC
The Flash: Rebirth HC
JLA Deluxe Edition Vol. 3 HC
Red Robin: The Grail TPB
Solomon Grundy TPB
Sandman Mystery Theatre Vol. 8: The Blackhawk And The Return Of The Scarlet Ghost TPB
Jonah Hex: Welcome To Paradise TPB
Batman: The Streets Of Gotham Vol. 1 – Hush
Money HC

Wonder Woman: Warkiller TPB
Outsiders: The Hunt TPB
Superboy: The Boy Of Steel TPB
The Question Vol. 6: Peacemaker TPB
Atomic Knights HC
Justice Society Of America: Bad Seed TPB
Supergirl: Friends And Fugitives TPB
Wednesday Comics HC
Batman: Long Shadows HC
Titans Vol. 3: Fractured TPB

Doc Savage: The Man Of Bronze TPB

Jonah Hex: No Way Back HC
Batwoman: Elegy Deluxe Edition HC

Gotham Central Book 3: On The Freak Beat HC

Justice League: Cry For Justice HC

Superman: New Krypton Vol. 4 HC

Icon: Mothership Connection TPB

World’s Finest TPB

Green Arrow/Black Canary Vol 5: Big Game TPB

Doom Patrol: We Who Are About To Die TPB

Showcase Presents: Suicide Squad Vol. 1 TPB

Hellblazer: Hooked TPB

Saga Of The Swamp Thing Book 3 HC

Shade The Changing Man Vol. 3: Scream Time TPB
Blackest Night HC
Blackest Night: Green Lantern HC
Blackest Night: Green Lantern Corps HC
The Shield: Kicking Down The Door TP
House Of Mystery: The Beauty Of Decay TP
Blackest Night: Black Lantern Corps Vol. 1 HC
Blackest Night: Black Lantern Corps Vol. 2 HC
Batgirl: Batgirl Rising TPB
Red Tornado: Family Reunion TPB
Blackest Night: Rise Of The Black Lanterns HC
Blackest Night: Tales Of The Corps HC
Adventures Of Superboy Vol. 1 HC
JSA Vs. Kobra TPB
Azrael: Death’s Dark Knight TPB

Batman: Arkham Reborn TPB

Magog: Lethal Force TPB

The Losers Book Two TP

Adventures of Superboy Vol 1 HC
Team-Ups Of The Brave And The Bold HC

R.E.B.E.L.S: Strange Companions TPB

Batman: The Bat And The Beast TPB

DC Comics Classics Library: The Batman Annuals Vol. 2 HC

Superman/Batman: Night And Day HC

Haunted Tank TPB

Red Robin: Collision TPB
Justice League Of America: Team History HC
Supergirl: Death And The Family TPB
Superman: Mon-El Vol. 2 – Man Of Valor HC
The Flash Chronicles Vol 2 TPB
Lobo: Highway to Hell TPB

Batman: Unseen TPB
Power Girl: Aliens And Apes TPB
Secret Six: Danse Macabre TPB
The Starman Omnibus Vol. 5 HC
Batman: Life After Death HC
Wonder Woman: Contagion TPB
Jonah Hex: Counting Corpses TPB
Batman: Streets Of Gotham – Leviathan HC
The Green Lantern Chronicles Vol. 3 TPB
JSA All-Stars: Constellations TPB
Superman: Earth One HC
Hellblazer: India TPB
Superman: Nightwing And Flamebird Vol. 2 HC


Batman And Robin: Batman Vs. Robin Deluxe
Edition HC
New Teen Titans: Games HC
JLA Deluxe Edition Vol. 4 HC
Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali Deluxe Edition HC
Green Arrow/Black Canary: Five Stages TPB
Legion of Super-Heroes: The Great Darkness Saga Deluxe Edition HC
Superman: Last Stand Of New Krypton HC
The Boy Commandos By Joe Simon And Jack Kirby Vol. 1 HC
Gotham City Sirens: Songs Of The Sirens HC
The Green Lantern Omnibus Vol. 1 HC
Outsiders: The Road To Hell TPB
The Unknown Soldier Vol. 3: Dry Season TPB

Batman: Dead To Rights TPB
Booster Gold: The Tomorrow Memory TPB
Brightest Day Vol. 1 HC
Justice Society Of America: Axis Of Evil TPB
Azrael: Angel In The Dark TPB
The Batman Chronicles Vol. 10 TPB
Batman: The Widening Gyre Vol. 1 HC
Superman/Batman: Big Noise TPB
R.E.B.E.L.S: The Son And The Stars TPB
Superman: Secret Origin Deluxe Edition HC
Tales Of The Green Lantern Corps Vol. 3 TPB
Blue Beetle: Black And Blue TPB
Hitman: Local Heroes TPB
Teen Titans: Ravager – Fresh Hell TPB


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