JLA Zatanna’s Search – August 1964

Issues Collected
Hawkman 4
August 1964
Detective Comics 336. 355
December 1964, July 1966
The Atom 19
April 1965
Green Lantern 42
November 1965
Justice League of America 51
December 1966
DC Blue Ribbon Digest 5
August 1980

Collected for the first time ever, the Silver Age saga that introduced Zatanna! The teenage mage seeks help from the JLA to rescue her father, Golden Age great Zatara, from certain doom. Reprinted from THE ATOM #19, HAWKMAN #4, GREEN LANTERN #42, DETECTIVE COMICS #335 and 355 and JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #51. Also, a 10-page Zatanna origin by Gerry Conway and Romeo Tanghal.

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