2011 Trade Releases

Batman: Joker’s Asylum Vol. 2 TPB
Doom Patrol: Brotherhood TPB
Superman: The Last Stand Of New Krypton
Vol. 2 HC

Justice League International Vol. 5 TPB
Secret Six: Cat’s In The Cradle TPB
The Starman Omnibus Vol. 6 HC
Batman Vs. The Undead TPB
The Question: Pipeline TPB
Madame Xanadu Vol. 3: House Of Broken
Cards TPB

House Of Mystery Vol. 5: Under New
Management TPB

Saga Of The Swamp Thing Vol. 4 HC

Batman: The Return Of Bruce Wayne Deluxe Edition HC
R.E.B.E.L.S.: Sons Of Brainiac TPB
Superman: War Of The Supermen HC
The Flash: The Dastardly Death Of The Rogues HC
Suicide Squad: Trial By Fire TPB
Teen Titans: The Hunt For Raven TPB
Justice League Of America: The Rise And Fall HC

Batman: Time And The Batman HC
Batman Beyond: Hush Beyond TPB
Zatanna: Mistress Of Magic HC
Gotham Central Book Four: Corrigan HC
Justice League Of America: Dark Things HC
Titans: Villains For Hire TPB
Superman: The Black Ring HC

The Spirit: Angel Smerti TPB
Time Masters: Vanishing Point TPB
Our Army At War TP
Justice League: Generation Lost Vol. 1 HC
Booster Gold: Past Imperfect TPB
Superman/Batman: Worship TPB
Legion Of Super-Heroes: The Choice HC
Hitman: Ace Of Killers TPB
Jonah Hex: Tall Tales TPB

Secret Six: The Reptile Brain TPB
Batman And Robin Volume 3 Batman Must Die Deluxe Edition HC
Birds Of Prey Volume 1 Endrun HC
Batgirl: The Flood TPB
The Flash Omnibus By Geoff Johns Vol. 1 HC
JSA All-Stars: Glory Days TPB
Superboy And The Legion Of Super-Heroes: The Early Years TPB
Brightest Day Vol. 2 HC
Unknown Soldier Vol. 4: Beautiful World TPB
Hellblazer: City Of Demons TPB
Green Lantern Corps: Revolt Of The Alpha Lanterns HC
Justice League International Vol. 6 TPB
House Of Mystery Vol. 6: Safe As Houses TPB

Planetary/Batman Deluxe Edition HC
Wonder Woman Vol. 1 Odyssey HC
The Superman Chronicles Vol. 9 TPB
Arkham Asylum: Madness TPB
Green Lantern: Brightest Day HC
First Wave HC
Power Girl: Bomb Squad TPB
Aquaman: Death Of A Prince TPB
Red Robin: The Hit List TPB
Batman: Knight And Squire TPB
Saga Of The Swamp Thing Book Five HC
Batman: The Red Hood – The Lost Days TPB
T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Archive Vol. 7 HC

Green Arrow: Into The Woods HC
Infinity Inc The Generations Saga Vol 1 HC
Showcase Presents Doc Savage TPB
Outsiders: The Great Divide TPB
Batman: Bruce Wayne – The Road Home HC
Batman: Streets Of Gotham – The House Of Hush HC
Hellblazer: Bloody Carnations TPB

Firestorm The Nuclear Man TPB
The Jack Kirby Omnibus Vol 1 HC
Showcase Presents The Trial of the Flash TPB
Superman Grounded Vol 1
Tales of Batman Gene Colan Vol 1
Batman Imposters
Green Lantern Emerald Warriors HC
Outsiders The Great Divide TPB
Batman: Under The Red Hood TPB
Gotham City Sirens: Strange Fruit HC
Secret Society Of Super-Villains HC
Superman/Batman: Night and Day TPB
DC Universe: Legacies HC
Doom Patrol: Fire Away TPB
The New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol. 1 HC
The Steve Ditko Omnibus Vol. 1 Starring Shade The Changing Man HC
Supergirl: Bizarrogirl TPB
Hitman Vol. 5: Who Dares Wins TPB
Legion of Super-Heroes The Curse Deluxe Edition HC
Madame Xanadu Vol 4 Extra Sensory TPB

Legion of Super-Heroes Consequences HC
Superman The Black Ring Vol 2 HC
Titans Family Reunion TPB
Justice League of America Omega HC
The New Teen Titans Games HC
Green Lantern Corps The Weaponer HC
Justice Society of America Super Town TPB
Kamandi The Last Boy on Earth Omnibus Vol 1 HC


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